Crafting A Perfect Seasoning


While there are always going to be those boring people who don’t like any sort of flavor or spice in their food, for the rest of us it’s a struggle to find a spice that works across the board. Our cupboards end up stuffed near to bursting with jars and shakers and bags and grinders full of different all purpose seasonings that all promise to be the perfect one for a very particular dish. There are a few that claim to be great on everything, but we all know what disappointment tastes like.

At least until now: One & Done Seasoning is THE ONLY seasoning that you’ll ever need. It works on everything because One & Done knows what it is SUPPOSED to do.

What Are All Purpose Seasonings Supposed to Do?

A good seasoning is supposed to heighten the flavor of the food it is being applied to in one of several ways.

EnhancementOne of the functions of a good seasoning is to enhance the flavors that already exist within a dish. It can make a steak taste like a better steak, or enhance the flavor of a bowl of macaroni and cheese. This is mostly due to the salt content in a seasoning; salt is a natural flavor enhancer (as is cumin). But too much salt and a seasoning (and therefore your dish) becomes overpowering and single-note. That’s where spices like pepper come in.

Addition: One other function of a spice is to add something new to a dish. Adding a new flavor or aroma is a way to call attention to one part of a food’s flavor profile, sometimes by setting it in opposition to something else: a combination we commonly see in some Asian foods that are both sweet and spicy, or spicy and sour.

With our secret blend of spices, One & Done has managed to create the best all purpose seasoning that actually does work on everything. It will make you fall in love with all of your old favorites as if they are brand new. Shop with us today to make all of your meals taste better!