Curtis Stevens, Founder of One & Done Seasoning, Selected as Semi-Finalist in Home Shopping Network and Good Housekeeping American Dreams Competition

Founder of brand new seasoning product recognized by HSN and Good Housekeeping as a game-changing entrepreneur Fate, TX August 23, 2016 - Curtis Stevens is the founder of a brand new, seasoning product called One & Done, and is already receiving national recognition for the product that he launched in July 2016. Stevens has been selected to travel to Home Shopping Network’s headquarters on August 31 to pitch One & Done to a team of executives for a chance to be featured on HSN and in Good Housekeeping magazine. “Tasting is believing, and as soon as people taste this seasoning, they know it’s the last seasoning they’ll ever need,” said Stevens. “One & Done was created to replace pantries full...

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Why Are Salt and Pepper the Go-To Seasonings?

When the founder of One & Done Seasoning decided to create a new seasoning blend that worked on everything, he jumped into a facet of history that we might not know a lot about, but the effects of which have rippled through the centuries, carrying knowledge and taste along with it.Why Salt and Pepper? Have you ever wondered why salt and pepper are staples on the tables of most westerners? Salt is a relatively easy answer — humans like the taste of salt, and we require a certain amount of it every day in order for certain internal processes to function properly. It enhances the taste of food, and it can be used to make food last longer. Salting meats...

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Crafting A Perfect Seasoning

  While there are always going to be those boring people who don’t like any sort of flavor or spice in their food, for the rest of us it’s a struggle to find a spice that works across the board. Our cupboards end up stuffed near to bursting with jars and shakers and bags and grinders full of different all purpose seasonings that all promise to be the perfect one for a very particular dish. There are a few that claim to be great on everything, but we all know what disappointment tastes like. At least until now: One & Done Seasoning is THE ONLY seasoning that you’ll ever need. It works on everything because One & Done knows what...

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